Ampreg 36 resin

AmpregTM 36 is Gurit's premium epoxy laminating system and is particularly suitable for the production of large high-performance components. The excellent mechanical properties and the high glass transition temperatures (Tg) achievable by moderate annealing make the AmpregTM 36 system suitable for applications with high mechanical loads, especially also when high temperatures may occur. AmpregTM 36 is optimized for hand lay-up processes with and without vacuum, but can also be used in other processes such as RTM (resin transfer molding), vacuum infusion, pultrusion and filament winding.


  • Improved impregnation of the fabric with lower initial compound viscosity.
  • Faster attainment of mechanical properties when cured in ambient air
  • Excellent bending performance without compromising tensile performance
  • Lloyd's Register & DNV certified
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