AmpregTM 30 resin

Optimized for the manufacture of large composite structures using hand lay-up and vacuum processes, AmpregTM 30 offers enhanced worker safety through careful selection of low-toxicity raw materials. The relatively low initial mixed viscosity of AmpregTM 30 allows for easy wetting through of heavy reinforcements. AmpregTM 30 was developed to provide excellent mechanical and thermal properties for both ambient temperature cures and moderate temperature (50°C) post-cures. This system is available with a range of curing speeds from fast to extra slow and in a variety of formats from small pack sizes to drums and IBCs.


  • Low initial viscosity of resin/hardener mixture
  • Good curing even without post-curing at elevated temperatures
  • Non-pigmented resins and hardeners
  • Improved safety and health aspects through LRT technology
  • Optimized for hand laminates
  • Excellent fiber saturation
  • Lloyd's Register & DNV certified
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