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What is fiberglass?


What is fiberglass?

Glass fiber is a plastic-based composite material consisting of dry glass fibers and polyester resin. It is usually referred to as fiberglass or GRP. When combined, this makes for a very strong and rigid material that is perfect for construction purposes! Fiberglass is a cost-effective alternative to traditional building materials as it combines several advantages, e.g. it has the same strength as steel but weighs less, is corrosion resistant and has a good sustainability profile.


Why GRP profiles?

GRP profiles are a cost-effective alternative to conventional materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum and wood. Each of these materials performs particularly well in a specific area, but glass-fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP) combines a whole range of advantages. This makes GFRP particularly well suited to the sustainable construction of the future. We have compiled some facts about the most important advantages on the following pages to give you a quick overview of the many possibilities offered by GRP products.


Fiberglass, wood, aluminum or steel?

We believe that choosing sustainable materials is not only an ethical matter, but also makes sense for our customers from an economic point of view. Therefore, we do everything we can to use resources efficiently and protect the environment, so that our products can make a positive contribution to our customers’ green building. In addition, our products have a number of advantages that contribute to their green profile. Steel corrodes and wooden planks rot due to aggressive salt water, posing a safety risk to port operators. Because profiles and gratings made of GRP require no maintenance and do not corrode, they are the choice for these environments. GRP steps and walkways provide a safe, non-slip and comfortable surface. They are very light, strong and can be machined without the use of expensive special equipment.

Wide range of applications!

Our GRP profiles have high strength, light weight and outstanding durability. This makes them a first-class alternative to conventional materials such as concrete, aluminum and wood. See here how we have helped others implement future-proof GRP solutions in areas such as bridges, platforms and access routes, as well as stairs and handrails.


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