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New! SPABOND 400 Series

Einführung in Spabond 400
Spabond™ 400 ist ein zähharter Epoxid-Strukturklebstoff der neuen Generation für Anwendungen mit hoher dynamischer Belastung, der aus 4 Systemen besteht.
Vorteile der Spabond 400-Reihe
Spabond™ 400 wurde entwickelt, um die Handhabung und Anwendungsleistung zu verbessern


Introduction to Spabond™ 400

Spabond™ 400 is a new generation, toughened, structural epoxy adhesive for high dynamic load applications, comprising of 4 systems:
  • Spabond™ 435: Ideal for thin bondlines such as core bonding, large surface areas and detailed work.
  • Spabond™ 440: Optimised for rapid dispense from cartridges or automated mixing machines.
  • Spabond™ 445: For large gap filling & filleting applications as well as high performance projects, with a black resin option available.
  • Spabond™ 400FR: structural fire retardant epoxy adhesive

Why is Spabond™ 335, 340LV and 345 being replaced?

Kleben mit Spabond 400

Spabond remains a key adhesive brand for Marine and industrial applications The Spabond™ 300 series is being replaced because:

  • Opportunity to Improve handling and processing properties, dispensing & carbamation resistance
  • Simplify the portfolio, moving from 13 to 5 components
  • Improved Health & Safety

Spabond™ 400 offers customers the same benefits as the Spabond™ 300 series, with improved Health & Safety, application and performance advantages

What is changing?

Spabond™ 400 is a new product range that covers the full functionality of Spabond™ 335, 340 and 345. The simplified portfolio has 3 resins with increasing sag resistance.

  • 10mm: SP335 = now SP435
  • 20mm: SP340 = now SP440
  • 30mm: SP345 = now SP445

All resins use the same 2 hardeners:

  • Spabond™ 400 Fast: ½ hour working time
  • Spabond™ 400 Slow: 3 ½ hour working time
    • 6 hour thin film working time
    • 15 hour clamp time
Harz und Haerter

The Spabond™ 400 Range: Key Properties

The simplified Spabond™ 400 series still covers the same range of functionality as the Spabond™ 300 range
Spabond™ 435 Ideal for thin bondlines such as core bonding, large surface areas and detailed work.Up to 10 mmFast½ hour35 MPa
Slow3 ½ hours35 MPa
Spabond™ 440
Optimised for rapid dispense from cartridges or automated mixing machines.
Up to 20 mmFast½ hour39 MPa
Slow3 ½ hours37 MPa
Spabond™ 445
For large gap filling & filleting applications and high performance projects, with a black resin option available.
Up to 30 mmFast½ hour37 MPa
Slow3 ½ hours36 MPa
Spabond™ 400FR Structural fire retardant epoxy adhesiveUp to 20 mmFast½ hour39 MPa

Benefits of Spabond™ 400

Spabond™ 400 Improved Handling & Application

Spabond™ 400 has been formulated to improve handling & application performance:

  • Improved dispense and sag resistance recovery
  • Improved manipulation & filleting performance
  • Robust to high humidity application

Pproduct features chart

 SP 335SP 340SP 345SP 400
Manual dispense★★★★☆★★★☆☆★★☆☆☆★★★★☆
Sag resistance recovery★★☆☆☆★★★★☆★★★★★★★★★★
Surface wetting★★★★☆★★★★☆★★★☆☆★★★★☆
Manipulation / Filleting★★★☆☆★★★☆☆★★☆☆☆★★★★☆
High Humidity★★★★☆★★★☆☆★★★★☆★★★★☆

Enhanced Curing Profile

Spabond™ 400 Series only has 2 hardener speeds: Fast and Slow

Spabond™ 400 Slow hardener combines the key characteristics of the Spabond™ 300 series Slow and Extra-Slow hardeners:

  • Longest hardener thin film working time (SP345 Extra-Slow) of 6hrs
  • Fastest overnight clamp time (SP340 Slow) of 15 hours
  • This allows enough time to bond large structures whilst maintaining an overnight initial cure

Lapshear Strength (MPa) Adhesion Data

Comparable materials

37 MPa
30 MPa
Stainless Steel
30 MPa
29 MPa
26 MPa
13 MPa
26 MPa

Improved Health & Safety

The current 300 series hardeners contain substances of very high concern (SVHCs).  Gurit Internal policy and external legislation mean these need to be removed or improved. Spabond™ 400 hardeners are low toxicity formulations:

  • Improved Hazard Labelling
  • Free of Carcinogens, Mutagens & Reprotoxins (CMR’s)
  • Free from Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC’s)
  • Reduced Environmental Hazards

300 Series Fast Hardener

400 Series Fast Hardener

3rd Party Certifications

Spabond 435, 440 and 445 will all benefit from DNV and Lloyds certification. Spabond 400FR is the only RINA certified FR adhesive for the construction of A, B & C class divisions
SystemHardenerDNVLloyd’s RegisterRINA
300er SerieSpabond™ 335not certifiednot certifiednot certified
Spabond™ 340LV HT✓ Certifiednot certifiednot certified
Spabond™ 345✓ Certifiedabgelaufennot certified
400er SerieSpabond™ 435✓ Certification in progress✓ Certification in progressnot certified
Spabond™ 440✓ Certification in progress✓ Certification in progressnot certified
Spabond™ 445✓ Certification in progress✓ Certification in progressnot certified
Spabond™ 400FRnot certifiednot certified✓ Certified

Structural Fire Retardant Epoxy Adhesive

Spabond 400FR
Spabond 400FR
  • Self-extinguishes following UL-94 type test (represents V0 classification)
  • Low toxicity & halogen free
  • Simple 3:1 mix ratio by volume
  • Available with fast hardener
  • Excellent gap filling properties
  • Good thermal, mechanical & adhesive performance
  • RINA Certified:
    • Surface materials and floor coverings with low flame-spread characteristics
    • Adhesives used in the construction of ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ class divisions

Mix Ratio – why has it changed?

The viscosity of the hardener component has a large impact on the sag resistance of the mixed system. Moving to a 3 : 1 mix ratio, reduces the amount of hardener and change in consistency of the mixed system. Allows us to have 2 hardeners for use with 3 resins with a sag resistance of 5 to 30mm.

Improved packaging concept

Correct Size Cartridge Boxes

Reduced waste & empty volume & more stable to prevent collapse in transit.

0 %
Increase in Dispense Speed
385ml Cartridges
  • Co-axial dispense & not side by side
  • Ensure priming procedure is followed
  • Existing dispensers can be used
800ml Cartridges
  • Up to 30% faster dispense
  • Existing 900ml and 400ml dispensers can be used with minor modification (replacement of the hardener plunger)


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